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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lovely Tutorial: Peach Chiffon Maxi

I've had this chiffon fabric for almost a year now because I never could decide what I wanted to make out of it. The delicate and peachy fabric is so pretty and since I've been seeing a lot of chiffon maxis lately and my obsession with maxis I said 'eh, why not!'

I wanted to make a maxi dress at first, but then I decided that skirts are better since they are so versatile and I can mix and match whatever tops to it I please. Sooo let's get started!

This tutorial is mainly about making the maxi skirt. I made a pattern for the top that I shall share with you.

Start with your choice of fabric. Remember, the fabric doesn't have to be chiffon-- use whatever fabric tickles your fancy because this tutorial will work with anything.

I'm going to show you a quick pattern for the top I made with this maxi skirt. My pattern is only half of what the top is suppose to be because to make it symmetrical I folded the fabric in half to get the full top. I made two pieces of the same thing, one for the front the other for the back.

For the maxi skirt, I took about a yard and a half and measured the length from above my belly button to the ground. You'll have to put the fabric next to yourself to see how much you need.

1. Sew the two ends together. It'll be a big square-like fabric once the ends are sewn together, but that's where the elastic waist band will come in.

2. I bought this 1/2 inch elastic from Walmart. You can use whatever size you like and can purchase it anywhere there are sewing supplies.

3. Tie the two ends together with any type of material that will stay straight and solid then rubberband them tightly in place. I used a big bobby pin and a stick I randomly found in my material box. Haha.

4. Sew the waist, I folded the fabric in twice with about an inch thickness. Don't forget to leave a little gap to put the elastic through the waist.

5. Take your elastic and start pushing it through the waist you just sewed until you get the two ends to meet. Be careful not the lose the other end in the waist (it'll be a real pain to try to get it out). Then sew the elastic together and the rest of the waist up.

6. Hem the bottom of your maxi and you're done!

The chiffon was a very sheer material so I had to wear a white skirt I made underneath the maxi skirt so my undies don't show. Bahaha! The top I wore a cute strapless bra which is a little riskay and daring for me, but I absolutely loooove how it looks.

I wore my sandals and some cute white chandelier earrings with this maxi.

As I mentioned, I made the two pieces separate so I can mix and match tops with the skirt. Very versatile, yes! I wore a pretty aqua silk ruffle top with the peach chiffon maxi skirt. I adore the color contrast.

Very effortless and beautiful, which is definitely my kind of style. I hope the tutorial was clear and helpful for you to follow! I know I haven't done one in awhile so I may be a little rusty, but bear with me.

Tootles! :)

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Darling Alteration: Darling Flower Child Dress

I love the pattern of this dress-- when I found it while shopping I obsessed over the little flowers and dots. I also adore the vintage feel as well.

Before the dress was altered:

And after. I cut off the sleeves and made it into a bow for the back of the dress.

I added a belt when I wore this dress to add a bit of shape and more flare at the bottom.

An adorable summer dress even though it's black because black is still an all season color in my opinion. ;)
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Monday, May 13, 2013

Darling Alteration: Solid & Pattern Maxi

Maxis are a staple for this summer so when I stumbled upon this old looking dress while thrifting I knew it could turn into something spectacular and easy to alter.

This is the dress before the alteration. It had sleeves with a large vest on the outside. I removed the vest, cut the sleeves off to make the maxi into a tank, then took in the sides to add shape.

And thee after! Very simple and elegant and I didn't have to make too many alterations which is fine by me. ;) The top is solid white while the bottom has a light plaid/checkered pattern.

 I wore the sequin collar I made awhile back which you can find the tutorial here and a cognac belt.

  Anddd without the sequin collar.

I'm in love with maxis and I'm sure I will be altering and making some more very soon! They are surely comfy and adorable. :)

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Darling Alteration: Simple Taupe Dress

It's been awhile and I finallyyy have got into the groove of things. My mind has been somewhere else for awhile and now I'm truly back! Haha.

With this alteration I kept the dress pretty simple because I love the color and texture of the material. It speaks for itself without having too much going on.

 I thrifted this dress for about $3.50 in a size 10. The dress did not have much shape to it at all.

I cut the dress length in half and hemmed the bottom. I altered the waist to fit my figure and added two creases to add more shape to the dress. With the extra fabric I made a detachable bow belt for when I want to wear the dress with or without it. :)

 I wore my white pumps, rosegold watch, and pearl earrings with this simple and classy dress. I sure love the simplicity.

Now, I just need an occasion to wear this lovely dress out! :)
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